What can I do?

10 ways you can be part of the Peatland Paradigm Shift

(in no particular order)

1) Speak to a farmer/land-lover about peat: 

do they farm on peat? do they have any personal memories attached to the peatlands? 

2) Read/write about something peat-related. Education and imagination is everything.

3) Join our open letter that will be sent to the MEPs before the end of May 2020.

4) Join our peat-free-compost campaign 

5) Join one of our reading circle sessions 

6) Follow the RE-PEAT social media channels 

7) Spread the word about all of the magical peatland qualities

8) Visit a healthy peatland and a drained one and find out what they feel, taste, look and smell like.

9) Do a drawing while you are there - and send it to us! 

10) Join RE-PEAT! 

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