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We believe in collaboration,

and the moss-like power of connecting.

Peatlands embody the potential for worlds to collide, 

cuts to heal, 

and walls to be lost in soil. 

They are the partnership between water and earth, 

the underworld, the surface and the sky. 

To be alive and dead 

and the future. 

They can connect people, creatures and identities 

Encourage crucial exchanges

and submerge the trenches. 


We believe in education

In thinking through ontologies: learning from the bog, not about the bog.  

We must learn about our Earth systems

about our cultural organisations 

Learn about their interwoven layers of silence and force, 

Learn how to unchain and re-wild, 

And flow across interdisciplinary streams.  

Allowing art, science, history, politics, and culture to interact, we can unlearn oppressive ways of thinking. 


We believe in a process of re-imagining

Concocting a new peatland paradigm 

Where both the inner and outer landscapes can evolve. 

In the moment of suspending belief, 

In believing.

In the possibility of power melting underfoot. 

Re-imagining the I, 

                                   the you 

               the she 

                                            the he 

                                                         the they 

            the us 


While we enter the depths of pain and grief,

We leave space for the steps of curiosity and


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