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The Members of RE-PEAT, 

Being Members of The Engaged Youth in Glasgow for the Conference of Parties,

Pursuant to attending and engaging with grassroots activity in Glasgow, in virtual COP26 side events, and hosting a session at the Peatland Pavilion,

In pursuit of environmental, climate, digital and medical/vaccine justice, and ensuring a healthy, peaceful future for the generations to come, 

Recognizing the need for effective and reliable protection of the natural environment, including but not limited to wetlands, peatlands and marshes

Also recognizing the need for these actions to be rooted in principles of climate justice,

Taking full account of the vital role peatlands have in a viable climate and ecological future, and their historical, cultural, and innate value,

Recognizing the potential of COP26 to set in motion long-overdue and incredibly important action, but also the lack of real action taken at the past 25 COP events, 

Emphasising the importance of youth in decision-making processes, as future stewards of this planet and all the challenges they will face in doing so,

Noting the lack of action by political leaders, intent on appeasing themselves and wealthy individuals and corporations, and on satisfying short-term goals with
regard to election cycles, 

Have agreed as follows: 

(a) To push for global peatland appreciation and protection; 

(b) To demand necessary action on the climate and ecological crisis to follow the spoken and written words of world leaders;

(c) To be in solidarity with activists from around the globe, specifically marginalised communities and those currently experiencing the climate crisis

(d) To contribute our capacities to build counterpower to business as usual, call out the limits and weaknesses of COP, and support grassroots actions at, around,
and beyond COP;

(e) To take care of each other in these times of crises;

(f) To contribute towards positive, honest, and imaginative narratives for the course of our societies




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