Online reading circle 


We host bi-monthly online reading sessions in which we discuss a whole plethora of topics, ranging from language + landcapes, peat crime, (un)civilisation, paleoarchaeology and mushrooms and peat. 

Peat-free compost campaign

We have noticed that it is extremely difficult to buy peat-free soil and therefore want to put pressure on big industrial-scale garden centers to stop using peat in their horticulture soils. A petition is in the pipeline!   

Online peat-know-it-all lectures 

Every month we host a new peat-know-it-all who will give a live online lecture that will expand your depth of peaty knowledge. This might be a historian, a farmer, a scientist, even a peat cutter.      

Open-letter to MEP's before the CAP 

We are in the process of collaboratively creating a letter that will be presented to the Members of European Parliament (MEPs) before the up and coming decision of the Common Agricultural Policy.


This letter will amplify the voices of young people, old people, people that work with peat and people that study peat. It will be a call to change the current policy that currently gives subsidies to peat drainage farming and doesn't give subsidies to paludiculture farmers. 

24hr Peat Fest planning! 

The 2nd of June is world peatland day ---so of course, we need to celebrate. RE-PEAT will host a day of games, learning, debating, creating and growing.


save the date. 

Blog writing 

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Handcrafted peat inspired ideas, poems, reflections, contemplations, presumptions, opinions, links....and all that those kindsa thinks. 

Talks + presentations at other events 

Back in the days when we had social contact we hosted a number of presentations on the topic of peatlands. Most notably we hosted a session at the Cumbre Social por el Clima in Madrid, which was the more "grassroots" version of the UN COP25 climate conference. 

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