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in the classroom 

An immersive pilot program for students aged 7-11 to learn about the peatland ecosystem through the themes of life, space and time.

​      Key program features: 

  1. Online resources. Containing peatland-related educational material, videos, quizzes, games, soundbites, and downloadable activities.

  2. Bog-in-a-box. A multi-sensory learning resource consisting of fun and tactile peat-related objects and exercises

  3. Field trip. An educational excursion to a peatland, led by local expert.

"Re-Imagining Nature in the Classroom" is a brand new pilot program, planned for a local Irish school in 2021.

The educational program will run as a 3hr+ addition to the national curricula, giving students from the ages 7-11 a chance to explore the vital and urgent topic of peatlands in an in-depth, multi-disciplinary and exciting way.

If you are interested in finding out more about this project or launching a pilot program in your local primary school, please get in touch with us at

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