Peat-Fest, 31st May 2020

Animation and Drawing by Alice Herrick  

Drawing by Frankie Turk 

Animation and Editing by @alicewade_  

Sam Lee by Aldous Eveleigh 

RE-INTRODUCE by Alice Herrick 

RE-SUBMERGE by Jessie Green 

RE-TRAIN drawn by Gavin Turk

RE-VEAL drawn by Gavin Turk

RE-DISCOVER drawn by Beth Madeley

RE-DISCOVER drawn by Beth Madeley

A RE-PEAT field trip to a Frisian peatland in Germany  

RE-PEAT open meeting - scheming, organising and teaing.

Kieran travelled to Ireland on World Wetlands Day and gave a peat workshop to the kids at his old primary school 

RE-PEAT get your hand's dirty art session. 

World Wetlands Day 2020, peat-inspired meal with peat presentation. Also featuring the collective Grond Verbond ('ground connected'), and peatland scientist Tanya Lippmann. 

Talk at the XR Amsterdam's 'Rebel Festival' 

Peatland excursion in Germany that planted the seed of the project

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