31 May 


On the 31st of May we will host a 24-hour Global Peat-Fest! 




This online event will bring together artists, farmers, scientists, policy-makers and young thinkers from around the world, to explore the topic of peatlands from every angle. Some of the guest speakers include writer Robin Crawford, Photography with Tina Claffey, Artists Pantea Shabhahang + Kate Foster, singer/storyteller Sam Lee, IPCC's Nuala Madigan, and the co-chair of the European Greens and Member of the European Parliament, Thomas Waitz. 

We now have a totally full 24hr program! This means that there will be different live and prerecorded sessions every hour of the day (from midnight to midnight BST). So, where ever you are in the world, you can always stumble into our pixilated peat world! 


If you join the online Peat-Fest Platform you can also chill out in the Living Room area. Here you can find extra sessions outside the main program, peat art and other inspirational content.

We also have a Community Noticeboard section, so if you are organising something interesting or creating something you want to share, please add your content in this area so that we can connect like water to soil! 


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