A Youth-led collective
pushing for a peatland
paradigm shift

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Upcoming Events

  • Landjuweel Festival
    11 Aug, 09:00 CEST – 14 Aug, 19:00 CEST
    Ruigoord, 1047 Ruigoord, Netherlands
    Many of the RE-PEAT team members will be joining this festival, where we will have a stand and hold a talk during the main speakers program. The Landjuweel festival is the oldest festival in Amsterdam. The name represents participation and collaboration with all kinds of cultures and creative groups
  • Peat Fest 2022: Rights of Peatlands
    30 Aug, 00:00 – 04 Sept, 23:50
    The theme of this year’s Peat-Fest is Rights of Peatlands, so we’ll be taking inspiration from the incredible global successes of the Rights of Nature movement and collaboratively applying some of these ideas to peatlands.