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WHAT IS Peat-fest?

Peat-Fest is the original and only 24 hour online festival completely dedicated to peat, organised by RE-PEAT. For its second year, Peat Fest will be held on the 29th May (midnight to midnight BST), in celebration of World Peatland Day on June 2nd.


RE-PEAT is a youth-led group using collaboration, education and a process of re-imagining to shift the peatland paradigm and push for peatland restoration and preservation. At Peat-Fest people from around the world gather to exchange ideas, co-create knowledge and learn from each other. Whether peat scientists, local stakeholders , young people, artists, general peat enthusiast... and YOU!


Dive deep into the peat. Into a space without binaries, with flexible limits and blended perceptions. The between space where past, present, and future meet. Where rigidity is overwhelmed by creativity. An interdisciplinary reality where we celebrate the versatility of peatlands. A microscopic pluriverse for macroscopic imagination. Bring your wellies and follow us as we wade into the sheets of peatsoil. Immerse your whole self in the throbbing depths of the land. Surrender to the process of layering meanings, building up and coming together into a rich landscape of stories.


The programme


The programme will consist of a 24 hour curated live event, exhibited work, in depth discussions and lots of space for your own creativity. The livestream will include a variety of discussions, talks, brainstorms, workshops, readings, games and much more. The exhibition will be a combination of pre-selected photo collections, short films, articles, etc. More contributions are welcome! The entire festival will be hosted on a digital community platform called Circle, where people will have plenty of opportunity to get to know one another and get engaged in the broader peat world.

WHAT to expect

         On the platform you will find:

  • 30+ Sessions over the course of 24hours

  •  A raffle jam-packed with wonderful prizes

  • Inventive peat games

  • An engaging community of peatple

  • A Bog-Exhibition full of great content

  • A chance to see peatlands through a new lens!

Video by Lidya Emir

Audio by Lukas Fraser and Ireen van Dolderen