1. Raise Awareness

We organise storytelling events, public dinners, and free creative spaces, as well as do presentations at other events on the importance of peatlands for climate, ecology, and humanity.    



2. Connect and encourage dialogue

Right now, the conversation on peatlands in Western Europe is fragmented between different peaty groups, such as local communities, farmers, scientists, and policymakers. As a group of young people, we offer a fresh dimension to the conversation. We hope this new perspective can help improve the dialogue between different groups. 

3. Political advocacy 

For now, we are focused on the peatlands of Western Europe, we are in the process of creating a "Peat Anthology" that will bring together the voices of scientists, farmers, local communities, and young people in a creative and personal way.


This document will be presented to the EU Members of Parliament, urging them to take peatlands seriously in the upcoming Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). If you would like to contribute to this project, please get in contact with us via the contact page 

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