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To enter, leave a comment telling me about a science fiction story or series you’d love to see made into a movie, TV show, graphic novel, manga, anime, etc. If you’d like to be entered to win a free copy of the first issue of 4 Color Zero, leave a separate comment telling me about a novel you’d love to read. ***TWITTER-ENTRY ONLY*** For those of you who want to win the first issue of 4 Color Zero, you have to use the embedded Facebook like widget below. If you use your Twitter account, you will not be entered to win the book. A reader recently took me up on a request I made for more stories about cancer. She is a long-time reader who often brings me information I find relevant to cancer patients and I was glad to read her account of how she first learned of her disease. When I read her account, I found it to be typical of how people react to having been diagnosed with cancer: disbelief, denial, being a little bit in denial, throwing up my hands in amazement, then denial, and so on. I found her story to be an interesting example of how people face the news of cancer, and how we handle ourselves when we know that the time is coming for us to face death. Like me, she had been a reader for a long time, reading everything in science fiction that she could find, as well as a large number of other genres, but she had never seen the signs that her health was failing until a blood test revealed a growing list of cancers. The first thing she did was send me a message to tell me how very upset she was. When she asked why I didn’t know anything about her diseases, I said I didn’t need to know everything, and that I had a lot on my plate at the moment. That was true, but her response made me realize that I had not been treating my disease in a diligent manner. She was upset for months after she was diagnosed, and would have been fine if she had gone to her doctors right away. Instead, she decided to wait until she was having a problem in order to tell me about it, and all her suffering was for naught. She had been waiting for the signs of cancer for some time before she finally acted on it. She has tried to find a lot of things to distract herself from




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Download Full Powtoon Torrentl (Latest)
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