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Following Brexit and its leave from the EU's Common Agricultural Policy, the UK government will soon to be voting on its national agricultural and land management policy. It is vital that this policy is as ambitious and holistic as possible, not only supporting local regenerative farming, but also the UK's peatlands, forests and green spaces. 

We at RE-PEAT urge you to write to your local MP and fill those

policy-maker minds with peat appreciation before their decision! All submissions will also be shared widely by us - make sure to include us in the email ( 


Click Here to find out your local MP 

We have even prepared a short draft email with some key facts and prompts, to make it quicker and easier for you! 

Click Here to read some other submissions and get some inspiration

Here you can find information about some of the peatlands in the UK. 

 Feel free to message us and add your local or a loved peatland to this living map!

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