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Ongoing Projects

Collaborative Peat Story-Sharing

We’d love to offer our platform for your peat story. We’re collecting anecdotes, myths, experiences and other stories to share and give people a glimpse of the diverse nature and history of peatlands. Interested? Send us an email at with your story of around 300-500 words along with a picture or drawing and we will then share it with the world. 

Anthology of letters to be sent to MEP's before the 2021 CAP Decision  

We are collating a document that will be sent to the MEPs before the upcoming Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). This document will present a wide range of stories to the MEP’s prior to the CAP decision and give volume to lots of different voices that are concerned about the

future of peatlands in Europe. The anthology will be filled with images, poems, science, stories and different languages. This document will be both in an online format as well as printed and send to the MEPs directly. 

If you are interested in writing something please send it to:

Peatition and peat-free soil campaign

We have noticed that it is extremely difficult to buy peat-free soil and therefore want to put pressure on big industrial-scale garden centers to stop using peat in their horticulture soils. That's why we created a pe(a)tition to end the use of peat in horticultural pot soil in the Netherlands! Sign your name here


Handcrafted peat inspired ideas, poems, reflections, contemplations, presumptions, opinions, links....and all that those kindsa things. Check out the link in the website header to read more! 

Talks + presentations at other events 

Back in the days when we had social contact we hosted a number of presentations on the topic of peatlands. Most notably we hosted a session at the Cumbre Social por el Clima in Madrid, which was the more "grassroots" version of the UN COP25 climate conference. 

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